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Turning, milling and grinding services

As a manufacturer of gearwheels and toothed racks, as well as chainwheels, we have a machine park equipped with modern automatic machines for processing steel and plastic details. Thanks to this, we are able to offer you a number of services related to the creation of elements to order. They can have the shape of revolving solids as well as other. Computer-controlled machines guarantee the highest quality of finish, with attention to all dimensions.

We can offer you, among others:

  • hobbing - the main machining method used by our company, because thanks to this, it is possible to make gearwheels and chainwheels with external teeth both in a straight and helical shape,
  • CNC milling - this is a machining method in which the rotary movement is performed by the tool. We have technological capabilities that allow us to perform machining in both counter-rotating and concurrent technology.
  • CNC turning - our technological capabilities allow us to select a specific tool, thanks to which it is possible to obtain a rotary solid of the desired dimensions and shape.

We carry out all machining methods based on the individual needs of the customer, as well as using modern numerically controlled machine tools. We guarantee precise workmanship and a high pace of work, and as a consequence we will receive components that are fully compliant with the order.

Shaft grinding


  • max length of the ground object: 1800 mm,
  • max diameter: 300 mm.

Teeth grinding - gearwheels

- max module: m = 4
- max grinding diameter: 300 mm

Grinding - splines

- max diameter: 100 mm 
- grinding length: 1200

Milling - gearwheels

- fabrication - gears: m = 0.5 - 20 mm 

Milling cylindrical gears with straight and helical teeth from m-1 to m-16. Diameter from 10 mm to 1200 mm.

Milling - toothed racks

Milling - chainwheels

- fabrication - chainwheels, pitch 3/80 - 20

Milling - splines

We specialize in:


  • shafts - max fi 300 x 1800 mm,

  • holes - max fi 400 x 400 mm,

  • surfaces - max 700 x 400 mm,

  • gearwheels to M-4,

  • splines - max fi 100 x 800 mm.


  • ordinary,

  • CNC,

  • hobbing - gearwheels,

  • hobbing - chainwheels,

  • splines,

  • toothed racks.


  • ordinary

  • CNC






Induction hardening

We export to German companies the following parts made by our plant: 
- parts for machining centres, 
- worm drives mounted at foundry furnaces, 
- a three-stage gear for tensioning tarpaulins in semi-trailers.