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CNC milling

Making various types of objects or spatial elements from metal has never been easy. This was, of course, due to the fact that machining such hard materials required the use of appropriate tools and a lot of force, while maintaining high precision. It should therefore not be surprising that only the industrial era brought mankind relatively fast and accurate technologies of work, based on various machines, such as, for example, various types of milling machines. Interestingly, solutions of this type for machining have survived in a developed and much more modern and automated form until today. The most important change in their operation is certainly the use of computerized numerical control, i.e. CNC technology. It allowed to obtain previously unknown speed and accuracy of work.

CNC milling is a type of machining in which the tool rotates and the workpiece or tool performs the sliding motion. A solution of this type allows you to create an object with a perfectly cut shape, with ideal smooth edges. The precision with which it is possible to cut patterns, channels, grooves, toothing and surfaces using CNC milling technology, in turn, allows the implementation of even very bold projects with complex shapes and in accordance with the provided technical documentation.

What is equally important, the discussed technology also allows to obtain excellent repeatability of production, especially important in precision industries, and to reduce material losses. Its popularization, in turn, means that today the price of this type of services is much lower than a few years ago.

Milling - advantages

Currently, milling services are widely used. This is, of course, due to the numerous advantages of this solution, such as:

  • speed - the ability to work in several axes and without interruptions,
  • precision in cutting out predefined shapes,
  • repeatability of the production process,
  • modern measurement systems facilitating the process flow control,
  • universal use, both when processing curved surfaces and planes,
  • it can be used in the case of various materials,
  • complexity of material milling (2D, 3D processing and engraving),
  • it can create very complex elements, thanks to which there is no need to connect several elements by e.g. welding,
  • high quality of the final product, which does not need any other final processing,
  • greater safety for the operator who has no direct contact with the machine.

Metal and plastic processing by CNC milling, like any other technological process, also has its weaknesses. The most important of these is sensitivity to human errors or hardware problems. Therefore, it is good to pay attention to direct this type of orders to experienced and professional companies that not only have the equipment, but also take care of its regular maintenance and service. It is worth knowing that negligence in this area very quickly affects the quality of products. The professional team of technicians is also equally important, as they have to deal with the not easy and precise programming of the devices. Even small mistakes can be disastrous here. Overall, however, it must be admitted that CNC milling is a decisive step forward compared to traditional methods.

CNC milling - technology

Despite the fact that the technology of machining by CNC milling is relatively young, it is still dynamically developing and allows to obtain better and better results. The process itself obviously starts with a computer project (CAD), which then has to be converted into the machine control language (CAM). After appropriate programming, the milling itself takes place, which is divided into three stages: roughing, profiling and finishing. It is worth emphasizing, however, that despite the automation of operation, the work of the milling machine itself is still controlled by the operator, who can make the necessary adjustments if necessary. The technology we use allows us to process materials such as stainless steel and non-ferrous metals - e.g. bronze, aluminium and brass.

Machining of plastics - modern machines

It cannot be denied that the quality of milling largely depends on the quality of the equipment used. Therefore, our machine park has been equipped with devices that enable us to carry out orders for any partners from various industries, including those requiring the highest possible precision. We currently have, for example, a modern Gleason Pfauter P600/800 CNC hobbing machine, designed to make gearwheels necessary, among others in worm drives. Other machines we use include:

  • DMC 1035 EKOLINE,
  • Mazak VCN 410A with Mazatrol PC-Fusion control, * CNC 640 M,
  • HAAS VF6.

Thanks to the use of modern machines and CNC technology, we can obtain very interesting effects in the form of perfectly cut machine elements, devices or other objects.

Modern machines, knowledge and experience - it is thanks to them that we are sure that we will meet every CNC milling and turning order. At the same time, we guarantee a quick implementation of services that will be performed taking into account all the needs of each customer. All persons and companies interested in cheap and precise CNC milling are also invited to familiarize themselves with the services provided by our company. We make, among others gearwheels and chainwheels, as well as planetary, worm and toothed gears, all of them connected by high quality and competitive price. For those interested, a photo gallery has been prepared in each tab, presenting our equipment and examples of completed orders. We believe that this will make our company even more credible!
We perform milling of: gearwheels, chainwheels, splines, racks