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CNC turning

Modern enterprises undoubtedly need innovative technologies and the highest quality products. In our company, ZMM Borkowscy, we are well aware of this. That is why we offer turning services of various types of elements, using advanced CNC machine tools. This allows a very high accuracy and repeatability of performance, impossible to achieve with traditional methods based on classic lathes. It is true that they allowed for a relatively efficient performance of turning - that is, machining of external and internal surfaces of objects having the shape of rotating solids. However, such devices were controlled manually, which meant that the quality of the manufactured elements depended primarily on the skill of the operator and the quality of the device itself. The introduction of the CNC technology used by our company was a huge technological breakthrough. It allowed for a significant acceleration of the machining process, which could be obtained thanks to computer control of numerical devices. It is worth emphasizing that the general principle of operation of this solution is very simple. During machine operation, the workpiece rotates around its axis, and the knife moves flat, which in turn allows for precise chip cutting of the material and obtaining very complex or even traditionally impossible shapes - which among others allows you to eliminate the necessary welding in the case of joining several separate elements.

What materials do we process?

The CNC metalworking technology used by us allows us to significantly accelerate the execution and obtain perfect accuracy both inside and outside the object. What's more, the CNC turning method allows you to work in various materials, including:

  • steel,
  • bronze,
  • aluminium,
  • brass.

What are the possibilities of CNC machining?

The turning technology uses CNC programs and controllers that are responsible for supervising the machine's operation. They communicate with the operator via an easy-to-use user interface. It allows you to load, edit and execute part programs, including entering information such as:

  • tool correction,
  • axis homing,
  • change of machining parameters,
  • tracking the progress of the program.

All this allows a detailed planning of work and selection of optimal tools, thanks to which it is possible to obtain a revolving solid of the desired dimensions and shape. Due to the accuracy of operation, CNC turning is a frequently used technique that allows to obtain perfectly made bushings, bevels, shafts and other similar elements of structures or machines. The method of metal processing we use also significantly speeds up the production rate, enables excellent repeatability, and ensures control over the entire production process - which is especially important in the case of serial production. In addition, it can also be used to modernize, repair or reproduce existing elements. Finally, it is also worth adding that despite the indicated advantages, the price of CNC turning can also be very competitive.

What machines do we use?

Talking about CNC turning, our modern machine park is also worth mentioning. The final effect of the work depends to a large extent on him. That is why we care about professional service and maintenance of all machines we use. These are:

  • CNC machine: HAAS SL-20THE by HAAS
  • DURA TURN 2050 automat,
  • TUR-630 ME lathes (with digital readout),
  • TUR-50S 750.

By using our services, you can be sure that the machining will be very precise and the pace of work will be high. We also guarantee that all orders entrusted to us for CNC turning are carried out cheaply, on time and in accordance with the technical documentation provided. We also encourage you to read the menu of our website carefully. There you can find the full offer of the company - including, among others CNC milling, production of gearwheels, chainwheels and various types of gears. In addition, it includes a photo gallery of our machines and implementations, as well as detailed information on how to place orders, contact details, telephone contact and e-mail. We invite you!