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Hobbing milling

As part of the services we provide, we deal with CNC hobbing, which is used for machining gearwheels and gears. This is the most frequently used method of cutting metal elements of this type, because it allows for a precise effect reflecting the correct shape of the gearwheels (in accordance with the technical documentation). CNC hobbing allows you to maintain a precise shape and obtain elements commonly used to put mechanisms in motion, such as:

  • bevel gears,
  • crone gears,
  • cylindrical gears,
  • gears having a straight rack.

Each of the options mentioned can be supplemented by us with internal or external teeth.

In addition to gearwheels of various types, we execute orders including standard shafts, arrow toothing, pinions and bushings with splines. The technology we use enables the processing of such materials as stainless steel, bronze, aluminium or brass.

The technology used in CNC hobbing

In hobbing, the cutting movement is combined with the turning movement. The shape is given to the workpiece by a cylindrical gear mounted in the machine together with a worm milling cutter. Rotary motion is used for machining, in which it is very important to properly move the cylindrical wheel according to the previously developed shape, precisely outlining the teeth of the wheel.

The use of CNC (Computerized Numerical Control), i.e. computerized control of numerical devices, has an impact on the remarkable precision of machining, repeatability of production and full control of the entire process thanks to an easy-to-use, compatible interface. The use of CNC in machining also facilitates obtaining a satisfactory effect in the form of a perfectly cut final product.

Modern machines for processing gearwheels

For hobbing, we use modern equipment in our machine park. One of them is the Gleason CNC hobbing machine - PFAUTER P600/800, which allows us to manufacture involute gears - both standard models and those designed in a spherical outline (arc toothing).

We care not only about precisely executed orders, but also full satisfaction of our clients. Therefore, we guarantee the preparation of both small series and mass orders. We can make a gearwheel with a diameter of 900 mm (while maintaining the technical parameters of the module from m-0.5 to m-20). We not only manufacture new components, but also reproduce gearwheels (by delivering used wheels or new technical documentation).