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We make gearwheels:

  • with internal toothing,
  • with external toothing,
  • with straight teeth,
  • with oblique teeth,
  • with spherical teeth,
  • with arrow (roof) teeth,
  • with barrel teeth,
  • with internal spline, splines and profile connections.
We make gearwheels based on technical drawings and on the basis of worn wheels provided by customers. We can make gearwheels with spherical, arrow (roof) and barrel teeth up to the VI accuracy class. After receiving the product documentation electronically, the plant, after making the toothing, has the opportunity to measure and generate measurements using a hobbing machine.

Then the measurements will be sent electronically to the customer.

Worm and toothed gears

We manufacture, repair and modernize worm and toothed gears, including grinding of component teeth, repairing straight and oblique cylindrical modules, etc. Our activities also include designing mechanisms in accordance with the needs and requirements of the customer.


We make chainwheels in a wide range of inch divisions and with a different number of teeth. Their production is based on technical documentation or a pattern in the form of a damaged element. Having the right tools and extensive experience, we make products of very high quality.

Toothed racks

Our machine park is equipped with the modern REINECKER horizontal milling machine, with the help of which we are able to produce toothed bars that work well in various types of mechanisms. We offer products with parameters individually tailored to the customer's needs - from module 0.5 to module 8 (length up to 1150 mm).


Worm and worm wheel

We specialize in the production of various types of worms and worm wheels used in worm drives. The products are made on the basis of a technical drawing as well as a pattern provided by the customer. All kinds of components are made of high-quality materials that do not differ from the original ones.

Gear couplings

We make pulleys
- for a flat belt,
- for a V-belt,
- for the toothed belt (HTD, GT, POLYCHAIN, etc.)
Splined shafts
Zakład Mechaniki Maszyn deals with the production and delivery of parts for various types of agricultural machines (e.g. the Bizon Harvester) on the domestic market.

For the production of gearwheels and worm gears, we use the customer's construction documentation, and in renovation and emergency repairs we also rely on patterns provided by the customer - destroyed or damaged elements. We provide technical consultancy in the field of technology and construction of toothed gears - both new, as well as overhauled and emergency repaired.
Bizon harvester - parts
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1.Koło łańcuchowe z – 185040/01-032
2.Koło łańcuchowe z – 185040/02-023
3.Koło łańcuchowe z – 215040/02-024
4.Koło łańcuchowe z – 245040/02-038
5.Koło łańcuchowe z – 395040/03-032
6.Koło łańcuchowe z – 255040/12-003
7.Koło łańcuchowe z – 205040/20-015
8.Koło łańcuchowe z – 605040/20-018
9.Koło łańcuchowe z – 205040/21-008
11.Półoś lewa5040/24-168
12.Półoś prawa5040/24-169
13.Wałek sprzęgła5040/34-011
14.Koło łańcuchowe z – 205040/42-026
15.Wałek napędu listwy nożowej5050/02-001
16.Wał bębna5050/60-021
17.Wał odrzutnika5050/62-018
19.Koło łańcuchowe z – 205052/20-015
20.Wał przenośnika pochyłego5052/55-053
21.Koło łańcuchowe z – 425055/03-001
22.Koło łańcuchowe z – 125055/03-004
23.Wał napędu hedera5056/02-001
24.Koło łańcuchowe z – 155056/02-004
25.Wał napędu hedera5056/02-011
26.Koło łańcuchowe z – 425056/03-002
27.Koło łańcuchowe z – 115056/03-014
28.Tuleja sprzęgła5056/55-011
29.Koło łańcuchowe z – 215057/02-011
30.Koło łańcuchowe z – 155057/02-012
31.Koło łańcuchowe z – 185058/02-004
32.Koło łańcuchowe z – 525058/04-011
33.Tuleja sprzęgła5058/05-051
34.Tuleja sprzęgła5058/55-020
35.Górny wał przenośnika5058/55-021
36.Półoś napędowa prawa5058/74-001
37.Półoś napędowa lewa5058/74-002
38.Tuleja sprzęgająca5058/74-003
40.Koło łańcuchowe z – 455060/04-037
41.Koło łańcuchowe z – 155060/21-083
42.Koło łańcuchowe z – 215060/22-332
43.Wał przenośnika górny5056/05-010