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Coating with Graphene

Graphene is a modern structure consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms joined in hexagons. It is characterized by very good mechanical properties (including 100 times higher tensile strength than heat-treated steel) and tribological properties. Its use as a coating of sliding-cooperating elements allows to reduce their wear and the friction between them. We have a technology of covering working surfaces with at least one layer of graphene. The use of graphene in this place means that when, during the interaction of the teeth of the gearwheels, the lubricating film breaks (e.g. at relatively high pressures and/or relatively low speeds between the surfaces of the teeth), there is no direct contact between the materials of which the gears are made (or it is also limited). Instead of it, there is a slip between the graphene layers on the mating wheels, which prevents adhesion leading to surface damage (as a result of breaking off their fragments) and significantly reducing the slip resistance. 

The benefits of using graphene coatings are: 

  • Increased resistance to abrasion and wear, which results in extending the life of the gear drives 
  • Reduction of friction between the wheels
  • Increase in the efficiency of the mechanism in which the patent was applied